Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easy Peasy 1,2,3 Pants

McCall's 5394

I'm back hopefully. I have been reading all of your blogs which I absolutely LUV. I haven't sat still long enough to try and figure out this blogging. Way back in Jan-February we actually had more cold weather than I ever remember having. We usually have a couple of days here and there of real cold weather. This year it actually snowed here in Lower Alabama. Well 'ennie ways my legs always stay cold, so I decided to make leggings to wear under my clothes
The pattern is McCall's 5394

I understand now that it is out of print. I got carried away and made about 5 pair.

Okay ya'll, my pictures are not where I want them to be. I'll have to work on that more next time. These are excellent for a beginner.


~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Thanks for visiting. I left you a response about the vegan baking.

Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and thanks for the compliment on my wrap top. The bodice is from a ready-to-wear wrap dress that I took apart. The dress had seen better days but fit great and realized that I could use it as a template to make a wrap dress. I have since made 3 wrap dresses from that template and decided to do a wrap top with the collar from another pattern and long sleeves from another pattern. its just my way of mixing pattern pieces to create a garment with a twist.