Thursday, October 14, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins - Day 1 (Pride)

Day 1.... Pride
(Boy it has been a loooonnng time)

1. GREAT cook and I especially love to bake-cakes, pies, cookies, candy-making etc. I will never follow a recipe exactly. I always have to put my spin on it.

2. Loyal friend to a select few special people. My BFF and I have been best friends since we were seven years old.

3. Contagious smile. My whole face lights up and my son has this same smile. I have the ability to smile when things go horribly wrong as they often do with me. My son often teases me about this. The day of my sister's funeral, I didn't shed a tear. I kept smiling, chatting and serving food to everybody.

4. I tend to always make the best of everything and make simple things extra special. I think I got this from my mom. I grew up very modestly, but I was always made to feel rich and special.

5. Happily married to my High School Sweetheart that I dated 10 years before we married and I can proudly say that I have only "been with" him. We've been married for 17 years.

6. I take great pride in my educational pursuits. I graduated #2 in my High School Class and graduated from the University Of Alabama. I plan to go back to school in the very near future.

7. I really need two more. (My son and my career.) However, I couldn't put my job for the last 19 years over my son. My son really is my pride and joy. It has been an amazing journey to watch him grow and be so excited about life. He's 15 now and finally I can see where time really does fly when they get in High School. (I couldn't at first, it seems like the years were dragging on.)


Carla(LoverofWords) said...

I love it. I am sure that your son is an amazing person. I am hoping to get better at the cooking thing. i don't suck at it but I am not the best.. Not yet

Adrienne said...

Woooooaaaaa look who blogged! I was like whoooooooaaaaa when I saw you pop up in my reader lol