Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins - Day 4 (Sloth)

Seven Things I neglect To Do....

1. Clean out the refrigerator/freezer

2. Really take time to have fun and not be so serious so much.

3. Get to sewing and stop making excuses not to. I'm never going to learn how until I just do it! I want to learn to sew, but it seems as if I am paralyzed by fear of messing things up and I really don't know where to find time.

4. Delete old emails and text messages.

5. Set up Facebook account. I'm afraid and I really don't know why. I would love to look up some college friends. I've always thought of sites like Facebook as "hook-up" sites and I know people whose marriages have ended because of them.

6. Keeping a daily journal.

7. Call AT & T to see if I can get that new rate for High Speed Internet Service. They are advertising $14.95 and I've been paying $28 for years.

1 comment:

Carla(LoverofWords) said...

don't let facebook scare you just keep your friends list to people you want to be connected with...
I have never hooked up with anyone on facebook... My friends list is limited to old classmates, blog friends and authors.