Friday, October 15, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins- Day 2 (Envy)

7 Things I lack and covet......
(Adrienne this is a record for posting - two days in the same month... or is it the same year)

1. I envy people like Oprah that have personal assistants that keep them on point. She has someone to do Hair/make-up/Clothing, cook, clean, run her errands and anything else she's not in the mood for or has run out of time.
(This post is going to be hard for me as I am such a private person and I sound bitter, but I'm really not.)

2. I envy people that have summer homes in fabulous resort areas that they can frequent all year long.

3. I envy people with high metabolism and can eat whatever they want and not gain weight. Just thinking about food puts pounds on me.

4. I envy people that have someone to come in and do their laundry, clean their houses- including organizing their closets.

5. I envy people with ranches that include guest houses, party houses, pools, horses and lots of land out in the country.

6. I envy people with lots of sisters and brothers that are really close.

7. I envy people that everything seems to come so easy for them without them doing any prerequisite work.

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Adrienne said...

You don't sound did what the challenged asked of you :)