Thursday, October 28, 2010

Seven Deadly Sins - Day 7 (Lust)

Seven Love Secrets....
1. I'm a screamer.

2. I'm very passionate and emotional. Sometimes it is sooo goood that I may cry. Other times my emotions get all mixed up and I giggle uncontrollably.

3. I'll try almost anything once.

4. I like to be undressed by honey.

5.I love sexy lingerie.

6. Fourplay is a must.

7. I'm into quality - not quantity. 8. If you don't have but 15 or 30 minutes, I'm not one. (Had to throw that one in.)

1 comment:

Adrienne said...

LOL we sure are learning a lot about each other lol.

There was another challenge where it was 30 days of truth lol. Not sure if I'm gonna do that one lol. I'll have to see if I still have the link and email it to you lol